Dan Lancelot


International Recording Artist Daniel "Dano" Lancelot was born in Long Island, New York on November 11, 1965, the youngest of three children of iron worker Joseph John Lancelot and homemaker Salina Fontana.   He has Irish, Italian, Sicilian and German ancestry.   Influenced by his siblings and father, Lancelot's first love of music came from the rhythm & blues and jazz songs of the 1960's.   During his early years in New York Lancelot reminisces, "Being around Dad, who would dance through the house singing melodies from the Rat Pack definitely had an impact on me musically."   Lancelot moved to Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 9 and spent his formative years in the south west. He took naturally to rhythm and melody at a young age and began drum lessons at 12 and started teaching himself to play guitar and piano soon after.   Lancelot studied music and architecture attending Phoenix Community College and performed in bands as way to make money.   In 1987 Lancelot moved to the college town Tempe, there he joined 80's cover band In-4-Red performing the Tempe bar scene and ASU frat parties. Lancelot's drumming talent stood out and soon after was asked to join rock band Instant Karma, which later became the famous Dead Hot Workshop. After departing from Instant Karma Lancelot combined forces with singer-guitarist Jim Gerke, guitarist-singer Tim Anthonise and Art "Buddy" Edwards to form the Solemines, all members being part of the exploding Tempe indie rock scene of the 1990's.  Lancelot was a founding member of three semi-famous rock bands during that decade. The Solemines, Verona/Dish, and Gloritone. In 1997 Gloritone caught the interest of an RCA executive, and the band signed with the label's Kneeling Elephant subsidiary.   After releasing their debut album, Cup Runneth Over, Lancelot spent two years promoting and touring but departed in late 1998 due to irreconcilable differences.   While working at used muical instrument store in 1999, Lancelot purchased a tenor steel pan and discovered a passion for Caribbean music.   Lancelot began studying the steel pan and Calypso music with local percussionist James "JT" Taylor and was invited to play drums for his band JT's Island Steel.   Between the years 1999-2001 Lancelot divided his performance time playing tenor steel drum & drum-set for JT's Island Steel drum band and drum-set with college area bands, Rock Lobster, Clock People and The Rhythm Edition.   In 2001 Lancelot and wife moved to San Diego, California and immediately auditioned for Ocean Beach based national act Slightly Stoopid.   Lancelot joined as their drummer and toured throughout the south west, including 2001 Vans Warped Tour.   Because of health issues at that time and a desire to perform in one town, Lancelot decided to stop touring.   Since his departure Lancelot pursued a solo career composing cue's for TV & film and performs throughout Southern California with his band Dano's Island Sounds, highlighting the steel drum incorporating original compositions and traditional Caribbean melodies.


♦ Harpo Productions "Dr. Oz Show" Cue"Plexi Rock" 2016 by Dan Lancelot
♦ Harpo Productions "Dr. Oz Show" Cue"Sleeping With The Enemy" 2012-2016 by Dan Lancelot
♦ Harpo Productions "Dr. Oz Show" Cue"On The Dance Floor" 2010-2016 by Dan Lancelot
♦ Harpo Productions "Dr. Oz Show" Cue"Heading Up" 2010 by Dan Lancelot
♦ Fuel TV On Surfari: "Russia Show" Cue"Moodludes" Jan 2009 by Dan Lancelot
♦ SeaWorld San Diego "Canned Music" song"Connie's Song" 2008-Present
♦ Dano's recording"One Drop Pop" Dano's Island Sounds CD 2007
♦ CBS reality show"Rob & Amber Get Married."Cue - Steel pan & perc. recording session 2005.
♦ Dano's recording"Pan in Paradise" Dano's Island Sounds debut CD 2003
♦ RCA/Kneeling Elephant records"Cup Runneth Over" Gloritone's debut CD 1998.
♦ Warren Miller ski movie"Freeriders" Song "Halfway" 1998 by Gloritone.
♦ Hitman Hart's CD"Wrestling With Shadows" Song "Halfway" 1999.
♦ 411 skateboard videos<"Issue 31" "Issue 33" Song "John Wayne" & "9 Summers" 1998-99.
♦ Baywatch episode"Swept Away" Song "Halfway" 1998.
♦ Ryan Caulfield episode"Po Piggity" Song "Halfway" 2004-05.

Performance Experience

Dano's Island Sounds Steel pan & percussion. 2002-Present
Mighty Island Band Drum-set, percussion & steel pan. 2008-Present
Dano's Island Sounds Featured artist SeaWorld. Steel pan & percussion. 2011.
♦ Member of Studio 51 Music Library compsoing instrumental music for Film & TV. Various instruments. 2009-2014
♦ Member of Flik Trax composing instrumental music for Film & TV. Various instruments. 2009-2015
U.S. Open Championship at Torrey Pines. Jacob's Executive/Press Party. Steel pan. 2008
♦ Movie premiere of Nim's Island Starring Jodie Foster. Rap-up Party at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Steel pan. 2008
Sol e mar Group member. performing Caixa in bateria 2007-2016.
Dano's Island Sounds Featured artist SeaWorld. Steel pan & percussion. 2007.
Dano's Island Sounds Featured artist Wild Animal Park. Steel pan & percussion. 2006.
Dano's Island Sounds Featured artist SeaWorld. Steel pan & percussion. 2002-2005.
Deuterium Jazz Quartet Real Book standards and originals. Drum-set. 2003-2020.
♦ Skunk recording artist Slightly Stoopid. Drum-set, Touring musician Van's Warped Tour. 2001.
JT's Island Steel Calypso Orchestra. Drum-set and tenor steel pan. 2000-2001.
♦ The Rhythm Edition - Corporate cover band Drum-set. 2000-2001.
♦ Rock Lobster - 80's Rock cover band Drum-set. 2000.
♦ The ClockPeople - Rock covers and originals Drum-set. 1999-2000.
♦ Jack Panic and the Crash - 80's Rock cover band Drum-set. 1999-2000.
♦ RCA recording artist Gloritone Drum-set/backing vocals. Touring US and Canada. 1996-1998.
Verona/Dish - Original Rock Drum-set/backing vocals. 1993-1996.
♦ Paperwaves - Original Jazz Fusion Drum-set. 1991-1992.
Solemines - Original Alternative Rock Drum-set/backing vocals. 1989-1991.
♦ Instant Karma - Original Rock Drum-set. 1988-1989.
♦ In-4-Red - 80's Rock Covers and Originals Drum-set/backing vocals. 1987-1988.
♦ Levi & The Zippers - 70's & 80's Rock covers Drum-set/vocals. 1986-1987.


Phoenix New Times Gloritone - Name Game (Sept 4th 1997)
Phoenix New Times Gloritone - Dig the New Breed (May 21st 1998)
Phoenix New Times Gloritone - Popsicle in the Desert (July 9th 1998)
Wilfully Obscure Gloritone - Cup Runneth Over (1998)
Pandomag.com Semisonic, Gloritone at the Showbox, 4/18/98
Babysue Gloritone - April 1998 Muffukin Reviews From
Billboard Music News & Info Gloritone - Cup Runneth Over (1998)

Lancelot with Slightly Stoopid - 2001
Lancelot with Gloritone - 1998
Lancelot with Verona - 1994
Lancelot with Solemines - 1990

Music in TV & Film

"Halfway" by Gloritone   Baywatch Episode: "Swept Away"

"Moodludes" by Dan Lancelot   FUEL TV On Surfari Episode: "Russia"