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Verona, formally known as Dish, was a popular rock group and part of the exploding indie music scene in Tempe, Arizona during the 1990's. Verona's grungy, yet orchestrated sound had a swagger all of its own. The band mixed elements of old school rock with popular funk and rock music of that era. Verona's blend of loud stinging guitars, syncopated grooves and crisp hard hitting drums gave them a distinguished charm. The quartet had an energetic front man and original musical style that appealed to Tempe rock music lovers of the 90's. In a short amount of time Verona developed a devoted and enthusiastic fan base and between the years 1994-1996 the group performed at many local clubs and bars, including headlining at; Long Wongs, Chuy's, Edcel's Attic, Hollywood Alley and Electric Ballroom. ~ Dan Lancelot                                                                                                                                            


  • Andy Mitchell - guitar and vox
  • Tim Anthonise - lead guitar and vox
  • Dan "Dano" Lancelot - drums & backing vox
  • Jeff Criswell - bass

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Electric Ballroom "Kiss the Sand"

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Electric Ballroom "The Who Medley"

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Electric Ballroom "Maybe I'm Amazed"

Electric Ballroom "Down"

Electric Ballroom "Cartwheel"



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